Month: October 2020

Ronald Lacey and Stratford Johns

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 9 – Legacy of Death

  “A bit crap,” is what I wrote in my notes towards the end of watching The Avengers episode Legacy of Death. Perhaps I was being too harsh. My memory of it now is of being a pleasingly entertaining episode, and that’s largely down to the work of Stratford Johns

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Tara King near a cliff edge

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 8 – All Done with Mirrors

  A strange episode in many respects, All Done with Mirrors leaves John Steed almost entirely out of the picture, instead focusing on Tara King’s attempts to find out who is leaking secrets from a communications facility when Steed is arrested as a suspect mole. It’s all a ruse, of

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A meeting on the top deck of a bus

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 7 – False Witness

  An episode of The Avengers with the name of director Charles Crichton on it is usually a good sign. A claim borne out by False Witness, a permutation on a favourite of showrunner Brian Clemens – mind control – scripted by Jeremy Burnham in such a way as to

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Tara King about to undergo a mind-blend procedure

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 5 – Split!

  Split! is the title, as in personality, a mind-control episode co-written by Brian Clemens and the similarly fecund Dennis Spooner. After John Bryce’s trio of episodes, The Invasion of the Earthmen, The Curious Case of the Countless Clues and The Forget-Me-Knot (only the last of which had been seen

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Steed and King in fetching hats

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 4 – You’ll Catch Your Death

  Boring but prescient is how you’d describe You’ll Catch Your Death, fourth episode of the final series of The Avengers. Prescient because it’s all about biological warfare, people dying due to exposure to some deadly toxin, Steed and King investigating the demises of the dead men (naturally) who all

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