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Steed and Gale kiss

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 16 – The Little Wonders

  Whether it’s spelt Bibliotek, Bibliotech or Bibliotheque, the crime organisation at the centre of The Little Wonders is a brilliant creation by writer Eric Paice, an international, centuries-old outfit whose members go around dressed as clerics.   Hence the funny pre-credits sequence of the Bishop of Winnipeg (David Bauer),

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Leonard Rossiter as Robin Hood

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 14 – Dressed to Kill

  So here we are, at Christmas 1963 (the 28 December, to be exact), with Dressed to Kill, a special seasonal episode written by Brian Clemens, who gets everyone into pantomime mode by setting the action on a train heading for a fancy dress party.     Steed is on

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Mrs Gale with Steed in chef's whites

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 13 – Death a la Carte

  First broadcast on 21 December 1963 – a more obviously Christmas-y episode would go out the following week – Death a la Carte is pretty much The Avengers as usual. Which means: exotic foreigners, death served up in unusual ways and a bit of stealth undercover work for Steed

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John Steed on the phone

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 11 – The Golden Fleece

  After the camp fun of the previous week’s episode, The Grandeur That Was Rome, a bit of a bump as we touch back down on planet Earth for a much more realistic Avengers episode – The Golden Fleece. Warren Mitchell gets the first word, only three years from starring in

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John Steed and artist Frank Leeson

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 9 – The Medicine Men

  The Medicine Men first went out on 23 November 1963, the day after the assassination of President Kennedy in the USA, and on the same night as the first episode of Doctor Who (also created by Avengers creator Sydney Newman). Of course none of this is reflected in the

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Villain prepares for operation

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 8 – Second Sight

  We’re finally arriving in upstream waters in Second Sight, first broadcast on Saturday 16 November 1963. “Upstream” means rarefied settings, no members of the public, posh accents, plots full of techy marvels and lots of improbable bullshit – ideal spawning territory for The Avengers.     Corneal grafts are what

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Honor Blackman and Edric Connor

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 7 – The Gilded Cage

Shown on 9 November 1963, just one day after five thieves had almost nabbed a king’s ransom of jewels and gold on the streets of Manhattan –they were thwarted because the getaway driver couldn’t work the manual gears of the heisted station wagon – The Gilded Cage is all about

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