Month: July 2015

Anne Dorval and Antoine-Olivier Pilon in Mommy

20 July 2015-07-20

  Out This Week     Mommy (Metrodome, cert 15) In bad drama people say just what they think; in real life they rarely do. Xavier Dolan, usually referred to as a wunderkind, understands this, and in this grungy new drama he pushes that realisation to the max with a

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Ryan Reynolds and Gemma Arterton in The Voices

13 July 2015-07-13

  Out This Week   The Voices (Arrow, cert 15) Marjane Satrapi has made a good film about a man with appalling schizophrenia. That she’s chosen to make it into a comedy, and has cast Ryan Reynolds as the disturbed guy who believes his pet cat and dog are talking to

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Tizita Hagere in Difret

6 July 2015-07-06

  Out This Week   Still Alice (Curzon, cert 12) Most disease of the week films operate on the same principle as Facebook posters who ask you to Like something or sign a petition – they’re daring you to say you don’t like puppies, or don’t want a cure for cancer,

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