Day: August 2, 2015

Commanding officer Bruce Greenwood talks to drone pilot Ethan Hawke in Good Kill

3 August 2015-08-03

  Out This Week   Good Kill (Arrow, cert 15) What happens when you force a Top Gun kinda guy out of his plane and into a bunker, where he is now commanded to kill people in Whereveristan remotely, using drones? Writer/director Andrew Niccol and his Gattaca star Ethan Hawke

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Tang Wei and Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat

15 June 2015-06-15

Out This Week   Cake (Warner, cert 15, Blu-ray/DVD/digital) Child actresses signal they’ve grown up and make a grab for respect by shedding their clothes; older actresses by shedding their makeup. So it proves with Jennifer Aniston, in a feel-my-agony performance as a woman wracked by relentless physical pain after

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