Month: April 2016

Liron Ben Shlush and Dana Ivgy in Next to Her

25 April 2016-04-25

Out This Week Joy (Fox, cert 15) Joy tells the story of Joy Mangano, a real-life Mrs Mop who, as a young woman, invented the Miracle Mop and who went on to become the CEO of her own company. Joy is the bright kid whose early promise and dreams of

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Chris Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker – In the Heart of the Sea

18 April 2016-04-18

  Out This Week In the Heart of the Sea (Warner, cert 12) Why have one sea adventure when you can have them all? Though ostensibly about the incident that inspired the writing of Moby Dick, In the Heart of the Sea also takes shots at Jaws, Mutiny on the

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BB-8 and Daisy Ridley in Star Wars the Force Awakens

11 April 2016-04-11

  Out This Week     Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Disney, cert 12) You don’t go to a Rolling Stones gig to hear new tunes. And you don’t turn out for Star Wars – reboot or not – for new stories. And yet. JJ Abrams, having done a remarkable

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Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez in Tangerine

4 April 2016-04-04

  Out This Week   Tangerine (Metrodome, cert 15) A few weeks ago it was Tangerines, a blunt, austere Estonian/Georgian film about the conflict in Abkhazia. Now it’s in the singular, Tangerine, an over the top film about life in another conflict zone – on the crack-whorey streets of modern

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