Month: March 2018

Mrs Gale and the Intercrime gang

The Avengers: Series 2, Episode 15 – Intercrime

  Twelve high level robberies in the last few weeks “and not one of them the work of an Englishman,” Steed says in the opening minutes of Intercrime, both the title of this episode and the name of a criminal outfit, a dark flipside of Interpol organising nefarious goings-on “all

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Dr King and John Steed

The Avengers: Series 2, Episode 14 – Dead on Course

  The Avengers might just as easily have been called The Amateurs, since that was the original premise of the show – a bunch of freelance helpmeets called in to assist gangmaster John Steed in the solving of various cases too tricky to be handled by the usual agencies. No, it

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