Month: August 2019

Steed tries to release Mrs Peel who is tied to the railway track

The Avengers: Series 4, Episode 2 – The Gravediggers

  Like a classic album that warms us up with an opening track before hitting us with a doozy, episode two of series four of The Avengers, The Gravediggers, is vintage entertainment that gets just about everything right.   The plot is a mix of proper spy stuff and the

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Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman publicity shot

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 26 – Lobster Quadrille

  Episodes of The Avengers were often not shown in production order. But Lobster Quadrille was both the last one broadcast and the last one made in series three, going out on 21 March 1964, a day after it had been finished.   It’s also Honor Blackman’s farewell episode, before

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Honor Blackman, Duncan Macrae and John Thaw in Esprit de Corps

The Avengers: Series 3, Episode 25 – Esprit De Corp

  Esprit De Corps is a mad and twisty Avengers episode, one of many dealing with the subject of indoctrination, the focus here being an army unit that’s going to launch a coup d’etat and put the “rightful” heir back on the throne.     Mad enough, but there’s a

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Tom Schilling paints

Never Look Away

  The Lives of Others director atones for The Tourist with an era-straddling epic about about art and love   I was talking to a journalist friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, about Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s new film. He recalled interviewing the director around the time of

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