Month: May 2021

Danny with Graeco-Roman bust of himself

Danny. Legend. God.

Danny. Legend. God. it’s called, though Danny. Asshole. Cock. might have been more appropriate, this being the portrait of a man of quite staggering front, bravado, bumptiousness, call it what you will, a legend in his own lunchtime aiming at the big time from his base in Bulgaria. Danny. Quite

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Wynne with Dickie Franks and Emily Donovan

The Courier

A familiar and enjoyable spy movie of the old school, The Courier went by the name Ironbark on its first screenings. The new title suits it better. Why that is, and whether the film should be so familiar and enjoyable is the question. It’s the true story of a middle-class

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Lionel aka Brooklyn in a stakeout

Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn is the first film Ed Norton has directed since 2000’s Keeping the Faith. Oddly, considering Norton is a child of Episcopalians, that also had a connection to Catholicism – a rabbi and a priest fall for the same woman, boom boom. Here the link is the Catholic orphanage

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Vadim and his mother in a pool

My Thoughts Are Silent

My Thoughts Are Silent (Moyi dumky tykhi, in the original Ukrainian) is one of a small clutch of films about or featuring a sound recordist, sitting alongside the likes of Silence (from Ireland), Upstream Color (USA) and Berberian Sound Studio (UK). All are odd and left-field in different ways, with

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Fritz outside the Golden Glove

The Golden Glove

Should a serial killer movie sympathise with its killer? The Golden Glove (Der Goldene Handschuh) comes perilously close to going all-in with real-life killer Fritz Honka (Jonas Dassler), who killed four women in Hamburg between 1970 and 1974 and then hid their body parts in his attic. Grim, seedy, sleazy,

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Rial screaming

His House

Let’s do a refugee drama, which no one wants to watch, as a haunted house movie, which everyone does. That’s the thinking behind His House, a canny mix of genres from writer/director Remi Weekes in his feature debut, which adds a further layer of originality by adding all sorts of

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Jean-Pierre Léaud as Antoine

The 400 Blows

The 400 Blows is a monster classic of the French New Wave with a meaningless title, a literal translation of the original French Les 400 cents coups. “Raising hell” would be a more idiomatic way of putting it and the original US subtitler even suggested Wild Oats. But the distributor

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Journalists Mirela Neag and Catalin Tolontan


There’s an All the President’s Men structure to the Romanian documentary Collective (Colectiv), with the initial field of inquiry opening up a wormhole down which the investigation dives, to find that an alternate universe has been hiding in plain sight all along. The story starts out with the bare facts,

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