Month: July 2021

Emma shackled to her husband's corpse

Till Death

Till Death isn’t much of a film for irony but the title, recalling the “till death us do part” line from the wedding vows, is rich in it. Megan Fox plays the straying wife whose husband decides to take an exquisite form of revenge, one which winds up with her

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Mikel has a bath, with face mask

The Filmmaker’s House

The Filmmaker’s House is a remarkable documentary that might not be a documentary at all. It looks like one – there’s a handheld camera and it’s full of “ordinary people doing ordinary things” in the words of Marc Isaacs, the filmmaker who has up till now specialised in very intimate

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Dennis and Andrea

Good on Paper

With Good on Paper, a film about a comedian, written by and starring a comedian who’s done a handful of specials for Netflix, Ilisa Shlesinger appears to be walking in Amy Schumer’s shoes. She’s about the same age, blonde, Jewish and deploys a scalpel wit in comedy that veers between

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Ava and Jamie

An Unquiet Grave

An Unquiet Grave is a remarkably simple but remarkably effective horror film. Two people, one camera, a handful of sets, kicking off with a scene at a graveside where grieving husband Jamie (Jacob Ware) meets Ava (Christine Nyland), the twin sister of his dead wife, Julia, and together they set

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Gabi is menaced by something while she sleeps


Gaia is a South African horror film. Unusual enough. An eco-horror, a survivalist horror, a myco-horror and a Freudian horror too. And somehow, in among all that, it even manages a bit of old-fashioned girl-in-a-T-shirt horror titillation, a demonstration of its limber ability to play to and against horror expectations.

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James Coburn and Joan Delaney

The President’s Analyst

With Elon Musk currently trailing his Neuralink “brain machine interface” idea as the future of inter-personal communications, how about The President’s Analyst, a 1967 movie that got there first? It’s called the Cerebrum Communicator – a brain implant that will render phone calls unnecessary – and comes at the familiar point

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Adrian and a pregnant Lucy

False Positive

Films, like False Positive, that are about a woman getting pregnant and finding herself pressured by her husband, her doctor and her peers into pursuing a particular course of action are always going to be compared to Rosemary’s Baby. There are no satanists in director/co-writer John Lee’s film but he’s

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Emma Stone as Cruella


Cruella, like Maleficent, gives a female baddie an origin story, and ends up in the same cul-de-sac, trying to insist that this is one of the female baddies for the ages, while also asking us also to sympathise with a poor Disney dear who’s been badly treated. 101 dogs’ breakfasts

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Thomas Jane, Anne Heche and Jason Patric

The Vanished

The Vanished stars three names who used to keep casting directors’ phones busy. Anne Heche, Thomas Jane and Jason Patric all bring a useful intensity to an incredibly wayward kidnap drama written by Peter Facinelli, whose face you’ll probably know (from the Twilight films, or Supergirl or Nurse Jackie on

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Peter and the children at a cliff edge


With its documentary feel and taste for the fantastical, Wendy walks in the shoes of Beasts of the Southern Wild, the 2012 film that was one of the must-sees of the year. Wendy isn’t going to fare so well, not least because that tune’s already been played. As the title

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