Month: September 2015

Asuka Kurosawa in A Snake of June

28 September 2015-09-28

  Out This Week   San Andreas (Warner, cert 12) A disaster movie like they used to make in the 1970s, with Dwayne Johnson as a John Wayne kinda guy – a helicopter pilot whose extraordinary likeability and bravery is simply a case of “just doing my job, ma’am” (actual line

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Liam Walpole as Goob in The Goob

21 September 2015-09-21

  Out The Week   The Goob (Soda, cert 18) Films like to suggest that life is rawer, more elemental away from the cosmopolitan, metrosexual centres of civilisation. And in British films there’s often a suggestion that out in Norfolk, especially, things tend towards the Wild West. It was apparent

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Raúl Arévalo and Javier Gutiérrez as cops on the case in the otherworldly Guadalquivir Marshes

14 September 2015-09-14

  Out This Week     Marshland (Altitude, cert 15) A mismatched-buddy-cop drama set in Spain’s Guadalquivir Marshes – delivering a bit of Beasts of the Southern Wild watery otherness – and marked out by several outstanding features. No, not the murder, of two sexually active teenage girls. That’s pretty

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Women in black: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt

The Devil Wears Prada

  The sort of film that has an inbuilt media audience – women’s magazines – who will receive it with the same lack of scrutiny as they treat each launch of a new beauty product, The Devil Wears Prada is a clever title halfway towards being a clever film. It’s

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Chloe Sirene, Pauline McLynn and Rula Lenska in Gypo


    Gypo is a Dogme film, the 37th made according to the strictures of the protocol dreamt up by a group of Scandinavian film-makers, including Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, in 1995. Naturalism is the stated idea, but Dogme could also be seen as an extension of Ikea

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick

7 September 2015-09-07

  Out This Week   John Wick (Warner, cert 15) Like some kind of undead film star, Keanu Reeves manages magnificent returns every few years – Speed, The Matrix and now John Wick, a super-sleek bit of badass comic-book adaptation relying heavily on Reeves’s blank persona (no one does it better)

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