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Sam, Cassius, Malcom and Jim

One Night in Miami

  What did Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Malcolm X all talk about when they met to celebrate on the night of Ali’s victory over Sonny Liston in January 1964? It’s a fascinating 

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Adrienne and Matteo happy on a boat

Wander Darkly

  Matteo (Diego Luna) and Adrienne (Sienna Miller) are a broke couple with a new baby and a relationship on the skids. Arguing on the way home from a date night, mostly about Adrienne giving

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Opening shot: the family meets

Farewell Amor

  Think of how many films there have been about the Irish immigrant experience in the USA. Or the Italian. Farewell Amor is a real rarity, because it’s looks at that fraught, hopeful new beginning

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The witch rides Khoma


  1967’s Viy is often described as the only horror film made in the Soviet Union. In truth it’s more like a fairy tale than a horror story, more Grimm than grim – bum, tish –

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Sophie Nélisse and Adam Brody in a car

The Kid Detective

  The Kid Detective is Evan Morgan’s feature debut – he wrote and directed – and it’s a cracker, a mystery that manages to be funny and dramatic, brand new and yet intensely familiar. Adam

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Paramedics Mackie and Dornan


  Synchronic is Christopher Nolan knock-off fronted by a pair of decent actors – Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan – and directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who gave us the intelligent indie psycho-thriller

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Jean with new baby

I’m Your Woman

  I’m Your Woman starts with a series of wham-bam events that prompt the question: “what is that all about?” A man arrives home and gives his wife a baby she’s clearly never seen before

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Celebrating the build


  Phyllida Lloyd is most often described as the director of Mama Mia! but there’s a lot more to her than that. Take Herself, the latest in a line of strongly female-centred productions, including the

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Rex Harrison, Margaret Rutherford and Constance Cummings

Blithe Spirit (1945)

  “How the hell did you fuck up the best thing I ever did?” Noel Coward famously asked director David Lean when he first saw the film version of Blithe Spirit, a play that had

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