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Herman Mankiewicz at work in bed


  Mank is the story, well known to film nerds, of the writing of Citizen Kane, for many the greatest film ever made. More exactly it’s two stories, one about writer Herman Mankiewicz dishing the

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Aubrey Plaza and Christopher Abbott

Black Bear

  Aubrey Plaza fans, here’s your film. In Black Bear she plays one, two, three or even four roles, depending on how you’re counting, as an actor/director trying to hash out a screenplay out in

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Zed in hospital gown

Mogul Mowgli

  Mogul Mowgli jumps into debates about authenticity and cultural appropriation – often conducted by people with no skin in the game on behalf of people who do – and does a decent job of

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Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen


  She can’t. Run, that is, one of the little jokes that director/co-writer Aneesh Chaganty has with the audience in this two-hander about a mother, her wheelchair-using daughter and the young woman’s impending flight from

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Aarne and Iris dancing

The Match Factory Girl

  The Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki was already a critical success when he had his first hit (in cult terms), 1989’s Leningrad Cowboys Go America, a road movie about a fictional Russian rock band on

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Barbara on her bicycle


  By the time Christian Petzold made Barbara in 2012, enough time had passed for his film not to seen as the latest in a line of Ostalgia movies (2003’s Good Bye Lenin! is a

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Benno Fürmann and Nina Hoss


  Wolfsburg. The title is a bit of a joke, a reference to the city/state in Germany where Volkswagen is headquartered. The fact that there’s not a single VW in the film suggesting that either

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Jeanne and Heinrich in bed

The State I Am In

  Christian Petzold was 40 when he made The State I Am In (Die Innere Sicherheit in the original German) in 2000. Which means he’d have been in his mid-teens and at his most impressionable

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The children see the Virgin


  In many ways a bog-standard bible flick given a cursory wipeover with a humanist rag in the figure of Harvey Keitel – doing penance for Bad Lieutenant all those years ago – Fatima is

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Lindsay Burdge and Jade Eshete on the subway


  Not so much a film as four shorts held together by a framing device, Materna looks at women through the prism of the family – the mother, the daughter, the sister, the neice. All

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Nina Hoss and André Hennicke

Something to Remind Me

  It’s called Toter Mann in German, the literal translation of which is Dead Man, but instead the distributors went with the possibly even more ironic Something to Remind Me for the English-language release of

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WL Mackenzie King sniffs a boot

The Twentieth Century

  Where to begin with The Twentieth Century, a mad bit of nonsense that’s initially exasperating but eventually works so hard at what it’s doing that your resistance might start to crumble. We’re in the

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