Month: October 2020

Borat leaving his village pursued by a mob

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm

  Sacha Baron Cohen retired his anti-semitic fake Kazakh TV journalist after the first Borat movie, 14 years ago, reasoning that when someone is that well known the joke – unsuspecting members of the public gulled into compromising situations – won’t work any more. So he either felt the time

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Wil Wheaton and Brian Landis Folkins


  Set in 1990 and influenced by the moment when direct-to-VHS schlock met cheap synthesisers, Rent-A-Pal actually takes its inspiration from a point further back in time, when The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone put high-concept sci-fi, often with a twist, on primetime TV. It’s a four-hander, with Brian

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Shepherd with his flock of women

The Other Lamb

  Omens and portents abound in The Other Lamb, action not so much. Following the story of Selah (Raffey Cassidy), it’s set in a cult headed by a man known as the Shepherd, otherwise populated exclusively by women, who are designated either as Wives or Daughters. For easy identification and

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Alice Tantayanon and Milena Gorum by the pool

Two of Us aka Dead Earth

Well I was expecting an Italian film called Two of Us (aka Deux), about two ageing lesbians who have spent decades in the closet. Instead I got this Two of Us (aka Dead Earth) about two young lesbians fighting off a zombie holocaust. Not quite the same thing, the lesbian

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Seth Rogen as Ben and Herschel

An American Pickle

  American Pickle is unsure whether it’s fighting the culture war or fighting it off – a proper pickle   It’s amusing, likeable, good-natured and I really wanted to like it, but American Pickle really is  all over the place. Basics first: Seth Rogen is the East European from some

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Liu Yifei as Mulan


  Anyone for a live-action remake of a much-loved animation?     The latest of Disney’s live-action makeovers of its own back catalogues continues a “so-what?” run of remakes – Jungle Book, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo to name a few. They’re not bad films exactly – no, hang

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Steed and Tara in a Saturn V rocket

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 33 – Bizarre

  So we come to the end of The Avengers journey with Bizarre, 33rd episode of the final season. The show started in January 1961 and was literally about an Avenger, Ian Hendry playing David Keel, a doctor going on a restorative-justice rampage after his wife was killed by drug

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Steed pours vodka on his bowler

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 32 – Get-A-Way!

  The penultimate Avengers episode actually goes right back to the early days of this series’ production run. There was over a year between the completion of Get-A-Way! in February 1968 and its transmission in May 1969. It’s one of the ones produced (or started, at any rate) by John

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Tara King in front of a portrait of Pandora

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 31 – Pandora

  The benign king deceived by his courtiers – a wicked grand vizier, a scheming cardinal, a treacherous brother – is a comforting story told and retold down the ages. The Avengers episode Pandora is Brian Clemens’s version of it: a man grieving for a lost love being fooled by

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Steed arrives laden with gifts

The Avengers: Series 6, Episode 30 – Take-Over

  Take-Over it was called in 1969 when it first aired. In the intervening decades the word takeover has lost its hyphen but this episode of The Avengers remains fresh and watchable precisely because of its antique quality. But first a bit of a prelim – man being escorted to

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