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Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington


  After pausing for Dunkirk, a (for him) human-scale drama, Christopher Nolan is back on Inception/Interstellar territory with Tenet, a grandiose exercise in hi-tech bogglement that doesn’t shortchange the fans. It’s spectacular like Operation Desert

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Viola Davis as blues queen Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

  Black Panther and Da 5 Bloods star Chadwick Boseman died 12 days after shooting wrapped on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, a fact that colours its critical reception. No one on set even knew that

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Dylan Gelula and Cooper Raiff


  Shithouse is an attention-grabbing title for a film. It’s a title likely to put some people off, which is a pity because Cooper Raiff’s feature debut is a fantastic film. Writer/director Raiff also stars,

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Ana Luiza Ros and Tavinho Teixeira

The Cannibal Club

  Sperm, vomit, blood and a critique of middle-aged masculinity, you can’t accuse The Cannibal Club of a lack of originality. It’s a musical, no of course it isn’t, it’s a horror film but one

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Stormtroopers resting between takes

Elstree 1976

  The Kickstarter-funded Elstree 1976 looks like it’s going to be about Star Wars, not least because of the packaging and that being the year that the studio to the north of London was booked

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The family (plus guest) line up for a Christmas photo

Happiest Season

  Gooey, sentimental Richard Curtis movies are the template for this wannabe starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as Abby and Harper, a romantically linked couple going back to Harper’s parents’ for Christmas. Being a

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Barkeep Mark (left) and the daytime regulars

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

  A day in the life of a Las Vegas bar, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is also a portrait of the lifestyle of the professional barfly. It’s actually the last day in the life of

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Eleanor and Mackenzie in the snow


  Godmothered is Disney product. Written to a Disney template, cast, directed, lit and edited in an efficient business-like Disney way, it’s a comedy fairytale that popped off the production line and onto screens wrapped

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