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Colin Wallace

The Man Who Knew Too Much

  James Stewart? Doris Day? Alfred Hitchcock? No. Instead meet Colin Wallace, a retired real-life spook who got heavily involved in the UK government’s undercover operations in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, blew the whistle

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Kimie Muroya and Chloë Levine


  Antarctica is a Booksmart-style comedy about a couple of high school girls, friends who don’t fit in, cocky and standoffish as a defence against the scorn they get from fellow schoolmates. They are not

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Aya Cash and Josh Ruben

Scare Me

  There are two interesting things going on in Scare Me, what looks at first glance (and probably deliberately) like a Stephen King-style horror story about a writer having a tough time of it out

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Grant Rosenmeyer, Ravi Patel and Hayden Szeto

Come As You Are

  In 2006 a Leeds-based American man called Asta Philpot visited a brothel while on holiday in Spain. He got laid. Nothing unusual there, except Asta was born with arthrogryposis, a condition that means he

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Shirley and Rose talking


  Shirley is your madwoman’s breakfast, a seething mass of dramatic tropes held together by a distinctly 1940s Freudian thriller atmosphere and populated by characters from a hall of mirrors. Elisabeth Moss plays real-life novelist

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Harley and Callie confront each other

Back Roads

  Having played the junior James Bond figure Alex Rider in Stormrider, and then a few teenage heartthrobs before bulking up to become a kind of Channing Tatum in waiting, Alex Pettyfer takes control of

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The new recruits are briefed

Camp X Ray

  One of three 2014 Kristen Stewart films that seemed designed to shift her image out of Twilight territory and into something with a bit more actorly grunt, Camp X Ray works better as brand

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Josh O'Connor and Alec Secareanu

God’s Own Country

  It was reading about his highly anticipated 2020 film Ammonite that jolted me into the realisation that I’d never got around to seeing God’s Own Country, former actor Francis Lee’s 2017 debut as writer/director.

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Anna Kendrick in bobble hat and warm coat


  Christmas movies. They’re churned out by TV channels, who plop a cute jumper on a couple of their botoxed, permatanned stars, add a bit of grog to a romantic plot involving the healing of

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