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Mariana Di Girólamo


  The first film I saw of Pablo Larraín’s was 2008’s Tony Manero, which was about a man whose passion in life was posing as John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, out of Saturday Night Fever.

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Krista Kosonen in dominatrix gear

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

  Grief rather than lust is what drives Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, the well-told story of a Finnish man who starts visiting a dominatrix after his wife dies. Director and co-writer J-P Valkeapää’s drama (with

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(l-r) Gerald Jones III, Jaden Michael and Gregory Diaz IV

Vampires vs. the Bronx

  Cockneys vs Zombies given a wipe-down and relocated to the US, maybe? But Vampires vs. the Bronx isn’t a reworking of the 2012 British film even though it’s also about the denizens of a

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Emilia Jones, George MacKay


  After His House and A Dim Valley, Nuclear is the third film with an uneasy supernatural element that I’ve seen in the last three days. All three use the otherworldly element to put a

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Johnny Flynn


  Stardust, echoing the title of his most consequential album, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, charts the journey of David Bowie from washout – the big 1969 hit Space Oddity not having led

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Rosalie Lowe, Rachel McKeon, Feathers Wise

A Dim Valley

  A Dim Valley is a quiet but bizarre drama that sets off in one direction only to blindside. All seems familiar at the outset. Three guys out on a botany field trip in Kentucky

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Kearney, Rez, Matthew and Jen

Here Are the Young Men

  Three Irish gobshites have a last summer of fun before maturity claims them in Eoin Macken’s Here Are the Young Men, a tantalising mix of the familiar and the fantastical. It’s nearly 50 years

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The five skateboarders in a group shot

Woolf Women

  Five young women head to Turkey with their skateboards in this documentary taking a tour of the Generation Z zeitgeist. Before we go any further, they refer to each other as “girls”, which I

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