Charlie’s Angels

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Good god this film got some bad negative publicity when it came out. I’m really not sure why. Of course it’s not Ingmar Bergman, but it’s not trying to be. What it is trying to be is a light and frothy, giddy and bubbly pastiche of the Seventies adventure series – which was the TV equivalent of that poster of the tennis woman scratching her bum. Perhaps naysayers were all still carrying a torch for Farrah Fawcett, the star of the original who left after one season to parlay her TV fame into a cinematic career. That didn’t work too well for her. Taking the Farrah role in McG’s film (perhaps the naysayers also aren’t fond of men who style themselves McG) is Cameron Diaz. The film might be produced by Drew Barrymore but she’s clever enough to understand the power of Diaz at full strength, and Diaz does deliver gigawatts of faux naiveté, at times opening her bush-baby eyes so wide they look like they’re about to pop out. Meanwhile, Barrymore and third angel Lucy Liu are giving off a far dirtier, been there, done everything vibe. I’d tell you the plot, but I swear the minute the film finished it had frothed away. Something to do with the Angels stopping someone dastardly from doing something dastardly. What does remain is memories of glam costumes, fab gadgets and gravity-defying fight action. Plus Cameron Diaz’s brilliant disco-dancing scene. And Bill Murray is in it, playing Charlie’s Mr Fixit John Bosley. As for the voice of the never-seen Charlie himself, that’s provided by John Forsythe, just as it was in the original TV series. Hello Angels.

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