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“Men and women both want to have sex, but women want to have sex 15 minutes after us, so if you hold out for 20, she’ll be chasing you for five.” Everyone knows a shlubby, none-too-handsome guy in a low-status job who seems to do OK with the ladies. The Tao of Steve analyses that phenomenon, and casts the incredibly likeable Donal Logue as Dex, its hero. His quest – to get laid as often as possible. This he does with ease since he follows “The Tao of  Steve” a babe-magnet philosophy borrowed from all the chilled Steves of the world (McQueen, McGarrett, Austin – his list, not mine). Dex may be overweight, he may be a teacher of pre-school children, but he is surrounded by oafs, most of whom are better looking than he is, most of whom greedily drink down his three-point cool-aid philosophy – banish lust, do something excellent and then make a tactical retreat (that’s the 20 minute bit). What a smart and clever debut this is by director Jenniphr Goodman, sister/writer Greer Goodman and co-writer Duncan North, the guy whose mindset the two Goodmans probably subjected to stress testing over late-night “you are fucking kidding me” sessions. Men may recognise and applaud Dex, women may be appalled by him, but he undoubtedly taps into a market ready for a film like this, judging by how many books there are out there on how to get laid (mostly for and by men, often with the word Game in the title), or how not to (mostly for and by women, often with the word Rules in the title). If there’s a complaint against this smart, clever, funny and very likeable comedy it’s that the Goodman girls can’t resist getting payback – is some fat guy going to get away with a foolproof pulling system? Of course he isn’t.

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