RV: Runaway Vacation

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And you thought that after being excellently sinister in Insomnia and One Hour Photo, Robin Williams had stopped making goofily sentimental comedies that stop every 20 minutes for toe-curlingly inappropriate improv from Mr W. Sadly not, as evidence there’s this woeful, slight affair in which Williams plays the family man driving his family cross country to a business convention (they think they’re going on holiday but he hasn’t told them the truth) in a recreational vee-hickle, even though they’re the sort of family who don’t do recreational vehicles, camping, communication, fun or togetherness. Cheryl Hines plays the exasperated wife and Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth are the heads of a family they meet en route – they do do recreational vehicles, camping, communication and so on, to an insufferably smug though well meaning degree. There is the occasional rather good sight gag in RV – though Mr W being covered in shit isn’t one of them – much cute bonding and a denouement so syrupy it should come in a squeezy bottle.

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