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Now I like a film in which an attractive young woman gets into skimpy clothes to kick butt as much as the next man. But, still shaking my head over the tragic mess that was Aeon Flux, here’s Ultraviolet delivering more of the same, and no amount of Milla Jovovich in stomach-revealing, futuristic outfits can help it. Speaking her handful of lines in the now standard Clint Eastwood growl, Jovovich plays the genetically modified super-athlete, part-vampire cross – a Hemophage – who is attempting to protect a young child who knows the secret of the whereabouts of the Holy Grail / can prevent the creation of Skynet, or something similarly important. It really doesn’t matter. Since what Ultraviolet is about, rather than what the plot is telling us its about, is Milla J, fighting fights in the cartwheeling kung fu manner, and dispatching phalanxes of foes amid a flurry of comicbook CGI that always looks like CGI, to a soundtrack which has plenty of that banging metal door. You can hand director Kurt Wimmer a gold star for hitting a button in the post-production suite that made everything look like brushed metal. And you can take it away again for nicking most of his ideas from other films, which is pretty much what he did with his last outing, Equilibrium. Milla looks great though, but if you want Milla kicking butt, looking great and a bit of solid storytelling to boot, there’s already Resident Evil. As for Ultraviolet it’s a case of “pretty woman, pretty stupid movie”.

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