3 December 2012-12-03

Out in the UK this week

The Dark Knight Rises (Warner, cert 12, Blu-ray/DVD/Download)

The series has been overpumped but Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film is definitely the best of the bunch, a luxuriously long, character-packed comicbook adventure all the better for featuring Christian Bale’s caped crusader very little.

The Dark Knight Rises – at Amazon

The Bourne Legacy (Universal, cert 12, Blu-ray/DVD/Download)

It’s the Bourne Leftovers, with Jeremy Renner taking over from Matt Damon, the taciturn amnesiac superspy now having a memory, a loose tongue and little raison d’etre. S’OK. Just.

The Bourne Legacy – at Amazon

New Year’s Eve (Warner, cert 12, Blu-ray/DVD/Download)

A Love, Actually idea – a parade of largely unlovely people finding their inner human – gilded with a cast of Famous Actors (De Niro, Efron, Pfeiffer, Biel, Heigl and on and on). The end-credit blooper reel is worth waking up for.

New Year’s Eve – at Amazon

Ninja Scroll (Manga, cert 18, Blu-ray/DVD)

One of the most classic animes ever, looking razor sharp in Blu-ray, full of action, incident, sex and blood and a forceful reminder that even Scooby Doo animation technology can produce something of expressionistic loveliness.

Ninja Scroll – at Amazon

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (Revolver, cert E, DVD)

A 1995 interview with the Apple founder recorded a year after he’d been fired from his own company. Covering his past (a geek at 12), the current scene (“Microsoft is McDonalds”) and the future (“the web, it’s going to be huge”) it’s honest, relaxed, fascinating.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview – at Amazon

A Trip to the Moon (Park Circus, cert U, DVD)

A restoration of one of the most famous films ever made, Georges Méliès’s 110-year-old 16-minute sci-fi and special effects motherlode – in colour too, every frame hand painted. The soundtrack by Air is as impish as the film itself, and there’s a well researched accompanying doc.

A Trip to the Moon – at Amazon

Sound of My Voice (Fox, cert 15, Blu-ray/DVD)

A woman (Brit Marling) from the future becomes a cult leader in the present – or is it all hogwash? Two investigative reporters go undercover to find out in a genre-confounding drama, low key and surprisingly tasty.

Sound of My Voice – at Amazon

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